The Future of Freedom: Crisis, Greatness or Both?

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As the Earth becomes a single digital room with everyone in it, the future of freedom is not surveillance or government rule. It’s your journey into a new digital world where you reach your full potentials, and help make greatness the world’s new standard.



Freedom is an unending journey — when you think you’ve arrived you’re wrong.

Americans thought they were free until Edward Snowden showed them that official deceptions, secret court orders and every type of surveillance imaginable had become normal. Not just in America, but in a growing number of countries around the world.

This made the future of surveillance obvious and clear:  Like it or not, it will not stop. Both governments and corporations need it, will continue it, refuse to consider other options, and will say what they need so they can do what they believe is essential.

For as long as we have had consciousness manual surveillance has always been part of human survival. Whether we have had peace or prosperity, war or terrorism, we have used surveillance. Government monitoring of digital communications and hacking digital devices continues this eternal trajectory.

It’s reality.

The future of freedom is more than today’s controversy about surveillance. So what is the future of freedom?


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The coming Crisis of Success

Humanity’s journey began with our hunter-gatherer ancestors, through mankind’s rise to dominance since the Industrial Revolution, to today’s growing “Crisis of Success.”

Within decades we will be a more prosperous planet of 9 billion people whose escalating consumption could threaten the Earth’s biological capacity. Over the coming centuries most of the planet will join the advanced, high-growth economy. By 2050 the world’s economy will double in size. Seven of the ten largest national economies will not be from the West. For generations to come, our economic system will be built on creating limitless worldwide growth and consumption.

Centuries of headlong expansion lie ahead. We won’t change course because this is who we are. Billions more people must have a higher standard of living, corporations want the profits, and governments need bigger tax revenues.

Our unstoppable growth creates a snowball of possible catastrophes:  Growing water shortages, a warming Earth with rising sea levels, desertification, extreme weather, food system pressures, shrinking job prospects from technology, declining middle class incomes, large retired populations, mushrooming national debts, income inequality, and more could wreak havoc at any time.

Because we all need more prosperity, nothing will turn us away from our coming Crisis of Success.

As it arrives, there could be an obvious way to keep control — our surveillance infrastructure, police, legal and prison systems could become one of the world’s best integrated business systems. Corporations could sell it, multiple governments could run and enforce it, and people could be forced to pay for it and endure it.

Lock-down could begin, and history’s greatest crisis could arrive:  The death of freedom in a world that can’t handle our relentless quest for success.

How do we rise to this challenge? As we face a cascading collision between our finite planet’s resources, our overpowering abilities and our infinite needs, how will we transform ourselves into a successful and free world?


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The urgent need for a Journey to Greatness

A Journey to Greatness is being forced on us so we can all thrive and enjoy tomorrow’s world. We and our children have no choice but to become far more capable people and world than we have even imagined we will be.

Starting with initial ideas in 2007, years were spent privately developing Expandiverse Technology to build a successful digital world today. It includes a family of continuous devices,”you-centered” continuous digital living, Active Knowledge where the information you need finds you, and much more.

The Earth is about to become a single digital room, with everyone in it.

As everything turns digital we could accelerate and build an advanced digital Earth today, with a far more prosperous yet sustainable future for individuals, groups and societies. We could make digital leaps forward such as:

  • Human services like health care
  • Basic needs like food
  • Economic growth from personal productivity and supply chain efficiencies
  • Inclusion of diverse isolated groups like senior citizens and marginalized ethic and social groups.

The Expandiverse will change how we interact, how we all connect and achieve more. The future of freedom isn’t about surveillance or resolute governments or vigorous corporations. It’s really your personal journey into tomorrow’s digital world — a world where you and everyone can reach your full potentials, and today’s greatness can become a new world standard.

The Expandiverse is designed as a fork in the road, to add the opportunity for you to see a new kind of personal future for yourself — and accelerate that future into your life, today.

Building an advanced digital world could be an even bigger business opportunity that includes and energizes you and everyone, as well as businesses and governments.

The future of freedom isn’t a destination. Whether you want it or not it’s your unavoidable, never-ending journey.

Let’s make it a Journey to Greatness.


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Dan Abelow is an American inventor, author, speaker and technology consultant. His latest patent-pending invention, the Expandiverse, is new technology to build an advanced Digital Earth now. His previous patents are licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many other leaders. He holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School. Get connected with Dan at

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