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  • Discover a Digital Future that Works

    One day greatness will be in our grasp. Why wait generations? Can we reach it now by using Expandiverse Technology to accelerate into a fully Digital Earth?

    8 Free Chapters:  3/4 to 4/22

    Free Book Giveaway:  Discover the Digital Future Day – April 29

    Section 1 450x375

    Preface: If Our Future is Digital, What will be the Biggest Advance?

    0A Art 
    New thinking: Could we build a positive and helpful Digital Earth now?

    Could we become the digital world we want, instead of the limited future that’s arriving? The first chapter in Imagine A New Future shows why there’s room to dream about building a world where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper.

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    1.1 Is Change the New Big?

    1.1A Art
    New thinking: Who will win the future — leading companies, startups or you?

    In the next decades we will become a fully digital planet. Can we build a more powerful digital world with many new ways for everyone to succeed? If we could, then neither startups nor big companies win. You will win the future. Building that digital Earth could be the biggest business opportunity for both startups and leading companies — a successful planet where everyone wins.

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    1.2 The journey to our full potentials

    1.2A Art 
    New thinking: An Age of Crisis is coming. To deal with it, can we reach our full potentials before it arrives?

    Our growing Crisis of Success comes from who we are: Everyone wants it all, wants it now, and won’t stop. But our problems are opportunities to use new tech to remove our ceilings. Expandiverse Tech adds a leap-ahead fast finish: Move everyone to the top of the pyramid by making everyone knowing and powerful, with the world’s best abilities. Stop thinking about our limits and start wondering what we can do.

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    1.3 Will Greatness be the New Normal?

    1.3A Art
    New thinking: Can we rise above today’s ceilings? Could greatness become the new normal?

    A fully digital planet will transform how we live, earn, spend, learn, solve problems and be entertained. Picture a real-time global wave based on measuring success, with solutions delivered for personal gaps through optional Active Knowledge. Continuous online communities will add larger and more powerful solutions. With Expandiverse Technology everyone can rise to greatness, so greatness will become normal.

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    1.4 Your Devices will have No Limits. Neither will You.

    1.4A Art
    New thinking: Could the future of devices be an unlimited personal world?

    Imagine a you-centered digital world of the future. It recognizes and follows you from screen to screen. Your continuous connections fit and assist you — including tools, resources, media, places and people. Automated tech moves you to the top of the pyramid by making you knowing and powerful. The full Digital Earth’s resources and abilities are at your fingertips. And everyone’s.

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    1.5 Property Self-security: Enjoy a Well-protected Life

    1.5D Art FEATURE
    New thinking: Could the future of security be safer lives we can each control?

    How will new technology respond to everyone’s needs to live well-protected lives in a safer world? As recognition becomes normal and widespread, “security as a feature” can add physical self-protection into homes, businesses, vehicles, devices and everyday property. The result: We could universally enjoy self-protected lives.

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    1.6 Digital Boundaries: Construct the Life You Want

    1.6A Art
    New thinking: Could you make your life and world become what you want?

    Now that we use screens during most of our waking hours we’re migrating into a digital world. Like other immigrants we  want better lives. Digital boundaries could eliminate today’s limits and do more. We will step through the looking glass, control what’s on our screens and construct the digital world we want.

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    1.7 When and How will You Win? When Tech Upgrades the Economy

    1.7A Art 
    New thinking: Could tech upgrade the economy so everyone could be a winner?

    You’ll rule tomorrow’s digital world. if a company fails to please you, you can wipe it off all your screens. With your finger on the kill switch, businesses will dedicate themselves to you. Routine identification will transform customer relationships and commerce. Everyone will be known and treated personally. The most successful businesses will please everyone all the time. New tech will usher in a world where everyone wins.

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    April 29th — Free Book Giveaway Day: Discover the Digital Future Day

    Section 1 450x375 
    New thinking: One day humanity will reach greatness. Could that be now, in our generation?

    This book introduces a new and different way to think about our future:  Is it possible to build an advanced Digital Earth that could produce greatness for all — without revolutions or attacking those at the top? That would be a new kind of forward step for everyone.

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  • Everyone Will Know Everything

    How can we ascend to the greatness in all of us? New technology answers include active knowledge, search, commerce, the tech industry, and what we each want for our lives. 5 Free Chapters:  5/6 to 6/3 Free Book Giveaway:  Everyone Will Know Everything Day – 6/10

    Section 2 450x375

    2.1 Active Knowledge: A New Future Where Everyone Wins

    2.1A Art
    New thinking: How could everyone reach for their own greatness?

    Could it be possible that the knowledge we need will find us? No longer would we have to stop, search and grasp to figure out what we need right now. When the right information comes to us we can be more productive, successful human beings. If the network could help everyone succeed more of the time, could we live in a world of winners, where universal success is the the way our world works?

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    2.2 The Future of Search: Stop Searching. Info Will Find You.

    2.2A Art
    New thinking: Instead of searching, what happens when the information you need finds you?

    Search has become the fuel that powers much of our lives. Now imagine something better, a you-centered digital world where knowledge turns active and finds you. You become the filter and your behavior the trigger. Relevant info, choices, places and services will be delivered as optional parts of what you do, so you can succeed instantly. Will you skip searching when the info you need finds you?

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    2.3 The Future of Commerce: If You Live, You Win.

    2.3D Art
    New thinking: Instead of shopping or online stores, could “your best choices” always be ready and waiting?

    With tomorrow’s continuous connections, Active Knowledge will be embedded in everything we do digitally, aware and ready to help us succeed. Our needs will be known and embedded commerce will help us switch to what’s best. Active Knowledge is a one-to-one communications channel that skips search, eliminates ads and bypasses retail. It will make instant solutions part of everyday life, constantly elevating everyone to the top.

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    2.4 The Future of The Tech Industry: Buy Your Own or Universal Access

    2.4A Art
    New thinking: How could everyone in the world use the world’s best technology products, services and resources — so everyone can rise to the top of society? 

    Until now the tech industry has disrupted other industries. What if the tech industry were turned into a shared resource by people and businesses that need income, and want to benefit everyone? Everyone could use the world’s best devices, software, tools and content — with Active Knowledge guidance. Could everyone gain superior abilities and achieve upward to the top of society?

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    2.5 AnthroTechtonics: What If Everyone Improves All The Time?

    2.5A Art
    New thinking: Could we become a world where everyone can improve all the time, regardless of their education level?

    “AnthroTechtonic” is a new name for a digital world that can surge forward. It combines “anthro” for people, “tech” for tech that accelerates success, and “tectonic” for the size and impact of changes. Will this reveal a Digital Earth’s new truths:  We can each become effective and great beyond anything we have imagined. Together we are immensely capable, and greatness will become the new world standard.

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    June 10th — Free Book Giveaway Day: Everyone Will Know Everything Day

    Section 2 450x375 
    New thinking: How can we ascend to the greatness in all of us?

    New technology answers can be on our screens, in our hands and part of how we live. Instead of expensive and time consuming schooling, learning is life and life is learning. When everyone knows everything will we keep dreaming about becoming, or will we become our dreams?

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  • The Day the World Expanded

    What will a day be like in a fully digital world? Experience how tomorrow could re-open our lives, work/jobs, economy, crisis solutions, entertainment, and reality. 6 Free Chapters:  6/17 to 7/22 Free Book Giveaway:  Expand the World Day – 7/29

    Section 3 450x375

    3.1 Shared Planetary Life Spaces: A New Day. Together.

    3.1A Art
    New thinking: What will it be like when we flip the switch from on/off connections to a continuous digital world?

    In the future your screens will follow you, keep you up to speed, informed and continuously connected. Our digital world will be more accessible and powerful than the physical world. It’s time to take you there.

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    3.2 In Companies: Operate Without Limits

    3.2A Art
    New thinking: How will companies operate in a continuously “on” world?

    Today we track down the best available numbers, guesstimate demand and place orders with primary contractors. We will move to continuously “on” connections across demand and supply chains. In the future consumers, vendors, suppliers and logistics will live in a Digital World and work in radically more efficient and effective ways.

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    3.3 In the economy: A High-Velocity, Flourishing World

    3.3A Art
    New thinking: How instantly and productively could a fully digital economy operate?

    One third of the world’s economy is the supply chain from raw materials through manufactured products and go-to-market logistics. Continuous digital communication will add the ability to work together instantly both within and across companies. The world has become today’s supply chain and the economy’s efficiency will be transformed by turning continuously digital.

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    3.4 In a Crisis: Retrain Today’s World for Tomorrow

    3.4F Art
    New thinking: As we approach an Age of Crisis, could a digital world outperform its threats?

    With 9 billion people in 2050 that age will face crises beyond the scope of today’s institutions. As a fully digital planet we could gain new levels of working together, producing results and delivering them. Everyone will receive continuous know-how to overcome problems instantly. Our digital challenge is to prosper by ascending to a world that can produce universal success, no matter what the crisis.

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    3.5 In Entertainment: Everyone Gets the Whole World

    3.5D Art
    New thinking: Could tomorrow’s new entertainment media make the whole world yours?

    Entertainment has evolved since 16th century theater with novels, movies, radio, television, the Internet, interactive games, video and multiplayer online games. As we become a digital world what will be the next entertainment media? We’re merging tech and entertainment, real and digital, and screens and living. Next the whole world will be yours, with your every desire turned into entertainment.

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    3.6 The Future of Reality: A New and Open Frontier

    3.6C Art
    New thinking: How will you change your everyday life when you can control your reality?

    In tomorrow’s digital world control shifts to you. Your CGI green screen digital boundaries will dynamically change the world on your screens. When you can choose who and where you really want to be most people will choose greatness. We will learn there are many kinds of greatness in all of us. It will be new stage of history, an age when we control reality and start choosing everything.

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    July 29th — Free Book Giveaway Day: The Day the World Expanded

    Section 3 450x375
    New thinking: What will a normal day be like on our advanced Digital Earth?

    It’s hard to imagine that the digital world has only just begun. Here’s the expanded world you should imagine next:  Re-opened lives, work, jobs, economy, crisis solutions, entertainment and reality.

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  • Freedom, Privacy and Control

    Will freedom survive technology that surrounds us every second? See new privacy and control tech and opportunities from a Journey to Greatness? 7 Free Chapters:  8/5 to 9/16 Free Book Giveaway:  Freedom Day – 9/23

    Section 4 450x375

    4.1 The Future of Freedom: Crisis, Greatness or Both?

    4.1A Art
    New thinking: Will the future of freedom be crisis, lock-down, greatness or all of them?

    As the Earth becomes a single digital room with everyone in it, the future of freedom is not surveillance or top-down rule. It’s your journey into an advanced digital world where you reach your full potentials, and greatness is the world’s new standard.

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    4.2 Digital Barbed Wire Puts You in Control

    4.2A Art
    New thinking: Could “digital barbed wire” give you and everyone control? 

    We dream of freedom but how will we turn the corner on privacy, protection and control? Today you’re behaviorally monitored, anticipated, guided and sold. Expandiverse Technology’s boundary management is digital barbed wire that protects you with priorities, filters, paywalls, protection and privacy. As we build a digital world, it will be the world you choose and want, for the first time.

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    4.3 When Your Mind Becomes Your Property, What Will You do With It?

    4.3A Art
    New thinking: If your mind were your property, whose world would you live in?

    Do you control your screens or do they control you? Advertisers dive into your brain for free (to you) from the minute you begin to gurgle. In tomorrow’s digital world you’ll decide and filter what’s on your screens. One control will be a personal paywall so you can be paid for your attention. When this makes your mind into your property, you will be able to sell it as often as you like.

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    4.4 What Limits Government in a Fully Digital World?

    4.4A Art
    New thinking: What’s the role of government in tomorrow’s trans-border digital worlds?

    As a Digital Earth arrives that new world will be trans-border. When we live global lives we will connect and operate in any country at any time. But nations, governments and laws are limited to their physical geography and borders, however. An inevitable divergence will develop. What’s the role of national laws and governments on tomorrow’s trans-border Digital Earth?

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    4.5 Digital Governances: New Ways to Succeed Together

    4.5A Art
    New thinking: New thinking: In a world where government has limits, could digital governances offer new ways to succeed?

    Many no longer believe governments can improve the world or deliver on their promises. Expandiverse Governances enable collaborative actions that turn needs into results. When you find and work with others who share your goals, you can reach them together. Governances create an aspirational world: Needs are turned into visible, measurable actions that fit your goals. The first example is healthy food.

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    4.6 Eat What Comes Naturally: A Human Service of the Future

    4.6A Art
    New thinking: Could human services come from what we choose, instead of what we’re told we’ll get?

    Think of human services as something you guide through collaborative Governances that share ideas and advances at the speed of networks. When we work together vendors will learn the products and services you want. Then Governances’ continuous connections will help deliver them. From healthy food to lifelong education to medical care, Governances could help human services develop what you want.

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    4.7 The Future of Identity: Defeat Death and Expand Privacy

    4.7A Art
    New thinking: New thinking: Could digital identities help us expand beyond life’s limits, while increasing our privacy?

    Tomorrow, technology will enable multiple identities and lives. Digital identities can provide levels of privacy, multiple incomes, global lifestyles and challenge death with life expansion (rather than life extension). It will soon be possible to outgrow societal and physical world limits with several exciting lives.

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    September 23rd — Free Book Giveaway Day: Freedom Day

    Section 4 450x375
    New thinking: Will freedom survive surveillance that surrounds us every second?

    This fully digital world adds new technology that puts you in control of your privacy. In the future you’ll decide who you are, where you are and who can see you. (Oh, and who can’t.) It’s less company town, less police state and more your ultimate, futuristic “you’re the one with control.”

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  • Greatness for Everyone

    Could we become a Digital Earth where everyone can reach for their dreams? We could develop a world culture without limits, with new ways to achieve the many kinds of greatness in all of us. 5 Free Chapters:  9/30 to 10/28 Free Book Giveaway:  Greatness for Everyone Day – 11/4

    Section 5 450x375

    5.1 Where are We in the Digital Revolution?

    5.1F Art
    New thinking: We think we’re so advanced, but where are we in the digital revolution?

    We think we’re so advanced but whole societies appear lost, not knowing how to build a digital future that works for everyone. Instead, we’re becoming inventors, opening new doors instead of arriving at a destination.

    We will eventually build a continuous Digital Earth that recognizes us and serves us. Today will look primitive and obsolete when our our digital ox carts are turned into race cars.

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    5.2 The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn... Of Tomorrow’s Digital World

    5.2A Art
    New thinking: Why is the darkest hour is before the dawn… of tomorrow’s digital world?

    Where’s the wealthy future that should be possible from advanced technology? Advanced societies create most inventions, but they’re turning into barbells with the middle class pushed to the bottom while power moves to the top. We’re overdue for answers.

    Today’s digital seems cool. Until you realize it’s only just begun and we’re moving too slowly into tomorrow’s digital world.

    Chapter 5.2: Available October 7 Buy Now

    5.3 We Think We’ve Arrived, but Today is Only a Glimpse of Our Digital Future

    5.3A Art
    New thinking: New thinking: In a more powerful digital world, could everyone succeed and reach the top of society?

    Do we know so much, or do we share the same illusion of knowledge as every age? Looking back from our digital future, today will turn out to be wrong. The future will call us obsolete.

    Since landing on the Internet’s shores, we have reached only the first few miles inland. Tomorrow’s Digital Earth will come from inventing a more powerful world: One where everyone can succeed and reach the top of society — where greatness will be the norm.

    Chapter 5.3: Available October 14 Buy Now

    5.4 Will the Whole World Become Your Digital World? And Vice-versa?

    5.4A Art
    New thinking: Could your life’s dreams and the world’s treasures be as close as your screens, no longer limited to the world’s wealthy elites?

    What if we made the window into a digital device called a Teleportal? What if that were a two-way network that turns the Earth into a digital room with everyone in it? What if that digital world were you-centered and you had immense abilities? Could your life’s dreams be as close as your screens? Could we build that fully digital world now, decades before it’s expected?

    Chapter 5.4: Available October 21 Buy Now

    5.5 A New World Culture Without Limits

    5.5A Art
    New thinking: Could economic and market size growth take off on a scale never before imagined, with universal prosperity?

    For the past 10,000 years, the long wave of human history has been like a gentle swell. From the start of civilization to the Industrial Revolution in about 1800, most of humanity lived like livestock. Almost everyone was stuck and lived impoverished lives.

    Our greatest obstacle remains. It was never ignorance. It was the illusion of knowledge, the certainty that we knew the world we live in.

    Chapter 5.5: Available October 28 Buy Now

    November 4th — Free Book Giveaway Day: Greatness for Everyone Day

    Section 5 450x375
    New thinking: New thinking: Could economic and market size growth take off on a scale never before imagined, with prosperity for 9 billion people?

    Could we develop a world culture without limits, with an expanding number of ways to reach the many kinds of greatness in all of us? If our digital world delivers the world’s best to everyone, being connected will mean being at the top of the world in the ways we each choose. For everyone, all the time, for everything they want and choose.

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  • How Will We Get There?

    Fierce competition between major tech companies will force breakaway leadership by one or more global companies. Expandiverse Technology provides IP, strategy, products and services to enable years and decades of leadership. 5 Free Chapters:  11/11 to 12/9 Free Book Giveaway:  Can We Get There Day – 12/16

    Section 6 450x375

    6.1 Tomorrow’s Digital Life: How Far can You Expand?

    6.1B Art
    New thinking: When you have the freedom to choose, will you choose a technology future where others control you, or where you’re in control?

    Will society regain a fast-growth economy where everyone prospers? Not when every tech company must own the digital future — because tech markets are winner-take-all, with control by a few winners.

    Consider what’s missing: A unifying vision for a successful Digital Earth with independent new technology, and hope. Then the future can become new ways for you to reach your best possible future, in the ways you choose.

    Chapter 6.1: Available November 11 Buy Now

    6.2 Transform the Earth into a Successful Planet

    6.2A Art
    New thinking: Could the biggest business opportunity be transforming the world into a Digital Earth that helps everyone succeed?

    It’s hard to imagine the digital world has only begun, but market leaders need powerful new tech to stay ahead. Instead of small improvements, they need to accelerate and own the future.

    Consider leaping to leadership: The biggest business opportunity is transforming the Earth into world where everyone can succeed. Expandiverse Technology is the first opportunity to build tomorrow’s Digital Earth.

    Chapter 6.2: Available November 18 Buy Now

    6.3 Four Ways to Defeat Competitors and Capture Tomorrow’s Markets

    6.3A Art
    New thinking: Breakaway strategies — how could your company defeat competitors and capture your industry? To be added Chapter 6.3: Available November 25 Buy Now

    6.4 Virtual Teleportals: Can We Kick-start a Digital Planet Sooner?

    6.4A Art
    New thinking: Is there a way to kick-start a digital planet, and seize its competitive advantages sooner? To be added Chapter 6.4: Available December 2 Buy Now

    6.5 With New Technology, Could Today’s Greatness Become Normal?

    6.5A Art
    New thinking: As our Crisis of Success grows, will we embark on a Journey to Greatness to become the far more powerful and capable people who can live well on a Digital Earth? To be added Chapter 6.5: Available December 9 Buy Now

    December 16th — Free Book Giveaway Day: How Will We Get There Day

    Section 6 450x375
    New thinking: If this takes 10 years to build, which decade will we begin?

    Fierce competition between major tech companies will force breakaway leadership by one or more global companies. Expandiverse Technology provides IP, strategy, products and services that could enable years and decades of leadership.

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Dan Abelow

I’m an American inventor, author, speaker and tech consultant. My latest patent-pending invention, the Expandiverse, is new technology to build an advanced digital world today.

How we can build a positive and successful Digital Earth is the subject of my new book, Imagine a New Future: Creating Greatness for All.

My previous patents are licensed by over 500 corporations that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and others. I hold degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

Short bio

Long bio



One day humanity will reach greatness. Could that be now, in our generation?

That’s the mission of this book, Imagine A New Future: Creating Greatness for All.  It introduces a new and different way to think about our future. This book plants a seed:  For the first time we have the ability to build an advanced Digital Earth that could produce greatness for all — without revolutions or attacking those at the top.

Instead of the Age of Crisis that we expect,  we could become one of the best generations in history — right at the moment when the Earth needs us to rise to our full potentials and abilities.

Expandiverse Technology


New technology and IP to build tomorrow’s digital world today.


This new option started in 2007 with ideas that grew into big questions:

Can we envision a world where tech helps everyone succeed and prosper?

Can a digital planet have the power to keep improving lives and fortunes for every person, every second, everywhere across our planet?

Can we reach greatness without revolutions and without attacking those at the top — by living together as successful people who could all rise to the top?

Can that Digital Earth be designed and built now, without waiting generations for this new kind of future to arrive?

Technology Summary

Tech Summary 2 - 503x375
111_Collection - 250px

Tomorrow is not just another day.

Dan Abelow’s conception of the Expandiverse started in 2007 with the recognition that from our beginning, humanity has known only physical reality: The only world is the physical world in front of us.

Dan concluded that the constant use of digital devices, screens and networked technologies is causing our known world to expand. For the first time we will build a Digital Earth in which we live continuously, next to physical reality. We will grow into more than one world.

As he spent years creating technology so this can be built 1 or 2 generations early, he named it the Expandiverse™. Some of it includes:

11 Volume Technical Series

Boxset_45 - 250px

Teleportal™ Technical Series

Eleven volumes with over 1,500 pages of technical specifications, the Teleportal™ Technical Series offers numerous advances for today’s devices, services and infrastructure.

Whether cherry picked or developed fully, Expandiverse Technology includes transformed industries, learning, personal success, security, digital living/work, economic acceleration, entertainment and more.

Introduction:  Includes example industry transformations and a universal learning service (GPS for success with replacements for search, e-commerce and retail)
Group 123 - 500px
Devices:  Includes replacements for current devices; turn tech into a universal resource
Group 456 - 500px
Digital Living:  Includes daily personal life, work and communities; digital controls and multiple new opportunities
Group 789 - 500px
Utility:  Includes infrastucture, digital ecosystems and global business systems
Group 10-11 - 335px

The Teleportal Technical Series is currently available for free to potential licensees who are under mutual NDA. 

Services / Consulting

How can the inventor help your company capture new digital opportunities? (Length: 1:09)
(Click image to read / Back button to return) 6.4B Art

Services that help you win

Here’s two examples of how the inventor helped world-leading companies:

For Accenture (then Andersen Consulting), I was a “consultant’s consultant” who brought in ease of use methods and processes that were used worldwide to improve thousands of world-class enterprise systems per year, during their design and building. I ran the internal development and field testing of the ease of use methods, saw them through formal certification, adoption, rollout and use as the Firm’s first-ever global process and standard for ease of use in Method/1, Accenture’s global development process.

For Cisco Systems I did the ease-of-use / user experience (UX) for a cross-business unit task force. We produced numerous advances that caused Cisco’s Small/Medium Business products to grow from a stagnant $250 million in sales to $1.1 billion in one year,  $2 billion in 2 years and $4 billion in 3 years (16X in 3 years). This included simultaneous improvements in packaging, cabling, installation, software configuration, documentation and troubleshooting. Improvements were rolled across most Cisco SMB products, producing high-volume sales and revenues, with #1 industry-leading products in many categories.

For your needs and goals, I look forward to helping you achieve more than what you imagine you can do.


How is the Expandiverse different from the Internet? (2:09 length)

36 Expandiverse Videos

(Links are on

Speaking / Keynote Speech

How can you lead “The Future”?

How will you find and experience the big new ideas? How will you capture them and use them to climb to the top? In one session Dan Abelow will transform how your audience sees its future, providing an in depth transition into tomorrow’s digital world — and how to use this coming transition to take leadership.

Example Keynote Speech:  The Future of Devices (32 min.) Dan gave this keynote speech at the Axis Partners Conference 2013 in Brazil, with simultaneous translations into Portuguese and Spanish.

He takes you on a journey from our pre-historic ancestors, through mankind’s domination of the Earth since the Industrial Revolution, to today’s growing “Crisis of Success.” History is forcing our generation on a Journey to Greatness: Our challenges will overwhelm us if we fail to become a Digital Earth with superior personal and global capabilities. Who and what will we be in a world where everyone can reach greatness?

Intellectual Property

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License, Partner or Buy

We need to create new personal and economic surges that re-open the possibilities for everyone’s lives. IP is the core without which this would not have been created, and would not be attractive. The two main IP options include:

Public (the inventor’s ideal): The inventor is willing to sell all Expandiverse Technology IP at a steep discount to an entity or individual that represents the public – who intends to provide this free or at low cost to encourage wide use, so large advances are easy and quick for everyone to make.

Private:  The inventor realizes that many corporations would seek to license or own this IP in some fashion. The following are some of the starting points for confidential discussions:

  • Non-exclusive license
  • Exclusive license
  • Partner
  • Acquire IP outright

Patents From the Future™: The US Patent Office has responded to this filing by dividing it into 31 areas of technology. With additional patent filings over the next two decades, this could be developed as a patent family of hundreds of patents.

A digital world will be full of IP. With this early a filing before our coming “digital world,” this patent family may include some extremely valuable patents.

Trademarks: Wholly owned IP includes the trademarks Expandiverse™, Teleportal™ and Patents From the Future™.

Potential licensees and owners will know what they would like, and the structure they want. This project includes leading IP licensing professionals and IP transaction attorneys. We’re good at listening.

Funding Expandiverse Technology


Self-funded New Technology and IP.

Most tech startups are funded by venture capital. Their usual sweat equity model is for the founders to make $2 an hour while building an asset that provides the real income.

Instead, Dan decided to invest personally in creating and introducing new technology that can help everyone thrive and prosper. He’s done this successfully before: Patents he created and sold in 2004 have over 500 licensees today that include Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics and many other leading companies.

More important, Dan knew no one would fund a multi-year project whose goals are tech for an advanced digital planet decades in the future, to help everyone rise to the top of society, and make that kind of world buildable today. This unique goal requires complete commitment, total independence and self-funding.

His sweat equity model is to pay for every hour he is privileged to spend working on this.

He says, “I took this risk because America gives me strong roots — the willingness to take on challenges, invent new solutions, and believe the system will work now that this IP has been created. The Expandiverse is a perfect example of the digital world that’s coming. Everyone will be able to reach for their own dreams with unprecedented scope, power and speed. This individual project is a visible first step toward showing how amazing our world could be — for us, and not just in some future generation.”

Contact and Connect

Let’s Connect:

(All invitations accepted and followed back)

LinkedIn: /in/danabelow
Twitter: @danabelow
Facebook: /dan.abelow
Pinterest: /expandiverse
YouTube: /user/expandiverse
Slideshare: /expandiverse

Direct Contact:

Phone:  (407) 786-7422