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Section 1:  Report from Our Future: The Journey to Our Full Potentials

One day greatness will be in our grasp. Why wait generations? Can we reach it now by using Expandiverse Technology to accelerate into a fully Digital Earth?

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Preface: If our future is digital, what will be the most important advance?

New thinking: Could we build a positive and successful Digital Earth now?

Chapter 1.1: Is change the new Big?

New thinking: Who will win the future?
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Chapter 1.2: The journey to our full potentials

New thinking: An Age of Crisis is coming. To deal with it, can we reach our full potentials before it arrives?
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Chapter 1.3: Will greatness be the new normal?

New thinking: Can we rise above today’s ceilings? Could greatness for everyone become normal?
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Chapter 1.4: Your devices will have no limits. Neither will you.

New thinking: Could the future of devices be an unlimited personal world?
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Chapter 1.5: Property self-security: Enjoy a well-protected life and world

New thinking: Could the future of security be safer lives we can each control?
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Chapter 1.6: Digital boundaries: Construct the life you want

New thinking: Could you make your life and world become what you want?
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Chapter 1.7: When and how will you win? When tech upgrades the economy

New thinking: Could tech upgrade the economy so everyone could be a winner?
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Section 2:  Active Knowledge: The Future of Search, Commerce and Society

How can we ascend to the greatness in all of us? New technology answers can be on our screens, in our hands and part of how we live. Instead of expensive and time consuming schooling, learning is life and life is learning. When everyone knows everything will we keep dreaming about becoming, or will we become our dreams?

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Chapter 2.1: Active Knowledge: A new future where everyone wins

New thinking: How could everyone reach for their own greatness?
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Chapter 2.2: The future of Search: Stop searching. Info will find you

New thinking: Instead of searching, what happens when the information you need finds you?
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Chapter 2.3: The future of Commerce: If you live, you win.

New thinking: Instead of shopping or online stores, could “your best choices” always be ready and waiting?
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Chapter 2.4: The future of the tech industry: Buy your own or universal access

New thinking: How could everyone in the world use the best resources to rise to the top?
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Chapter 2.5: AnthroTechtonics: What if everyone improves all the time?

New thinking: Could we become a world where everyone can improve all the time?
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Section 3:  The Day the World Expanded: Breakouts from Today’s Limits

It’s hard to imagine that the digital world has only just begun. What will a normal day be like on our advanced Digital Earth? Here’s the expanded world you should imagine next:  Re-opened lives, work, jobs, economy, crisis solutions, entertainment and reality.

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Chapter 3.1: Shared Planetary Life Spaces: A new day. Together.

New thinking: What will it be like when we flip the switch from on/off connections to a continuous digital world?
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Chapter 3.2: In companies: Operate without limits

New thinking: How will companies operate in a continuously “on” world?
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Chapter 3.3: In the economy: A high-velocity, flourishing world

New thinking: How instantly and productively could a fully digital economy operate?
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Chapter 3.4: In a crisis: Retrain today’s world for tomorrow

New thinking: As we approach an Age of Crisis, could a digital world outperform its threats?
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Chapter 3.5: In entertainment: Everyone gets the whole world

New thinking: Could tomorrow’s new entertainment media make the whole world yours?
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Chapter 3.6: The future of reality: A new and open frontier

New thinking: Could reality become our next new and open frontier?
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Section 4:  Privacy and Control: Top down, bottom up or… Everyone?

Will freedom survive surveillance that surrounds us every second? This fully digital world adds new technology that puts you in control of your privacy. In the future you’ll decide who you are, where you are and who can see you. (Oh, and who can’t.) It’s less company town, less police state and more your ultimate, futuristic “you’re the one with control.”

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Chapter 4.1: The future of freedom: Crisis, greatness or both?

New thinking: Will the future of freedom be crisis, lock-down, greatness or all of them?
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Chapter 4.2: Digital barbed wire puts you in control

New thinking: Could “digital barbed wire” give you and everyone control?
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Chapter 4.3: When your mind becomes your property, what will you do with it?

New thinking: If your mind were your property, whose world would you live in?
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Chapter 4.4: What limits government in a fully digital world?

New thinking: What’s the role of government in tomorrow’s trans-border digital worlds?
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Chapter 4.5: Digital Governances: New ways to succeed together

New thinking: In a world where government has limits, could digital governances offer new ways to succeed?
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Chapter 4.6: Eat what comes naturally: A human service of the future

New thinking: Could human services come from what we choose, instead of what we’re told we’ll get?
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Chapter 4.7: The future of identity: Defeat death and expand privacy

New thinking: Could digital identities help us expand beyond life’s limits, while increasing our privacy?
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Section 5:  Continuous Innovation: The origin and destination

Could we develop a world culture without limits, with an expanding number of ways to reach the many kinds of greatness in all of us? If our digital world delivers the world’s best to everyone, being connected will mean being at the top of the world in the ways we each choose. For everyone, all the time, for everything they want to become — a Digital Earth where everyone can reach for their dreams.

8 Free Chapters:  March 4th to April 22nd
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Chapter 5.1: Where are we in the Digital Revolution?

New thinking: We think we’re so advanced, but where are we in the digital revolution?
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Chapter 5.2: The darkest hour is before the dawn… Of tomorrow’s Digital World

New thinking: Where’s the great future that should be possible with our advanced technology and abilities?
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Chapter 5.3: We think we’ve arrived, but today is only a glimpse of our digital future

New thinking: In a more powerful digital world, could everyone succeed and reach the top of society?
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Chapter 5.4: Will the whole world become your digital world? And vice-versa?

New thinking: Could your life’s dreams and the world’s treasures be as close as your screens, no longer limited to the world’s wealthy elites?
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Chapter 5.5: A new world culture without limits

New thinking: Could economic and market size growth take off on a scale never before imagined, with universal prosperity?
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Section 6:  How will we get there? Business advances

Fierce competition between major tech companies will force breakaway leadership by one or more global companies. Expandiverse Technology provides IP, strategy, products and services that could enable years and decades of leadership. The big question is when leading companies will see this freight train barreling toward them and secure its IP before their competitors — who could block their using this if they capture it first.

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Chapter 6.1: Tomorrow’s digital life: How far can you expand?

New thinking: If you had the freedom to choose, would you choose a technology future where others control you, or where you’re in control?
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Chapter 6.2: A different launch: Transforming the Earth into a 
 Digital Planet

New thinking: Could the world’s biggest business opportunity be transforming the Earth into a digital planet?
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Chapter 6.3: Four ways to defeat competitors and capture tomorrow’s markets

New thinking: Breakaway strategies — how could your company defeat competitors and capture your industry?
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Chapter 6.4: Virtual Teleportals: Can we kick-start a digital 
 planet sooner?

New thinking: Is there a way to kick-start a digital planet, and seize its competitive advantages sooner?
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Chapter 6.5: With new technology, could today’s greatness become normal?

New thinking: As our Crisis of Success grows, when will we embark on a Journey to Greatness to become the far more powerful and capable people who can live well on a Digital Earth?
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